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Jan Vonk

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Burnside Hall, McGill University
805 Sherbrooke St. West
Montreal, QC H3A 0B9
Office: Burnside 1242
Email: jan.vonk {at} mcgill.ca

I am a postdoctoral research fellow at the CRM in Montréal, in the group of Henri Darmon and Adrian Iovita.

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Publications and preprints:

J. Balakrishnan, N. Dogra, S. Müller, J. Tuitman, J. Vonk
Explicit Chabauty-Kim for the split Cartan modular curve of level 13
Preprint (2017), (pdf).

H. Darmon, J. Vonk
Singular moduli for real quadratic fields
Submitted (2017), (pdf) and code.

J. Vonk
Modular eigenforms at the boundary of weight space
Submitted (2017), (pdf) and code.

J. Vonk
Crystalline cohomology of towers curves
Submitted (2016), (pdf).

J. Vonk
Computing overconvergent forms for small primes
LMS J. Comp. Volume 18, Issue 1 (2015), 250-257. (pdf) and code.

R. Möller, J. Vonk
Normal subgroups of groups acting on trees and automorphism groups of graphs
Journal of Group Theory, Volume 15, Issue 6 (2012), 831-850. (pdf)


Math 140: Calculus I at McGill, Winter 2016.
Course outline

Math 235: Algebra I at McGill, Fall 2016.
Course outline

Math 596: Topics in Algebra and Number Theory at McGill, Winter 2017.
Course webpage

Math 251: Honours Algebra II at McGill, Winter 2018.
Course outline

Seminars and notes

Rational points on curves: A p-adic and computational perspective.
Oxford, 24 - 29 September (2012)
I co-organised (with Henri Darmon, Minhyong Kim and Alan Lauder) a workshop focussing on methods for studying rational points on curves, especially from a p-adic and computational perspective. This focus included Stark-Heegner point constructions and methods from anabelian geometry, as well as related topics such as p-adic L-functions and p-adic modular forms.
The conference website can be found here, with notes from all the talks. A picture of (most) participants.

Deformation week
Oxford, 16 - 19 April (2013)
I co-organised a workshop on aspects of deformation theory, April 2013.
The workshop was aimed at graduate students from different fields, interested in applying techniques from deformation theory in their respective fields. The webpage is here.

Perverse sheaves and the decomposition theorem
Oxford, Michaelmas 2014
Balázs Szendrői and I ran a perversity seminar, the webpage can be found here.

Jacquet-Langlands and cyclic base change
Oxford, Michaelmas 2014
Minhyong Kim, Andrew Wiles, and I ran an automorphic seminar, the webpage can be found here.

Crystalline cohomology of towers of curves
Harvard, 12 April 2017
Slides from a talk given at the Harvard Number Theory Seminar.

Rigid meromorphic cocycles
Barcelona, June 2017
Notes from a mini-course on joint work with Henri Darmon.