Montreal Geometric & Combinatorial Group Theory Seminar

The seminar meets each Wednesday at 3:30pm in 920 Burnside Hall at 805 Sherbrooke West - McGill University.

(Here is a link to our schedule during 2002-2003)



Fall 2003:

Sept 17- Igor Mineyev (IAS & UIUC) “Bounded Cohomology and Hyperbolicity”.

Sept 24 - Bogdan Nica Cubulating spaces with walls”.

Sept 29 (Monday - Room 1120) -  John Meier (Lafayette & Columbia) “Asymptotic cohomology for the motion group of a trivial n-component link

Oct 8 -  Inna Bumagin “The Hanna Neumann Conjecture is Decidable!”

Oct 15-  Dani Wise “Counting W-cycles in graphs, the Hanna Neumann Conjecture, and the coherence of one-relator groups”.

Oct 20- (Monday – Room 1120) - Mladen Bestvina (Utah) “Measured laminations and extensions of homomorphisms to  free groups”.

Oct 29 – Denis Serbin “Infinite words and length functions”

Nov 5 – Alexei Miasnikov “The Finitary Andrews-Curtis Conjecture”

Nov 10- (Monday – Room 1120) - Ben Steinberg (Carleton) “On a class of automata groups generalizing lamplighter groups”

Nov 12 – Olga Kharlampovich “Equations in a free group”

Nov 19 – Inna Bumagin Rips theory and hyperbolic groups”.

Nov 26 – Olga Kharlampovich “Equations in a free group - part II”

Dec 3 – Bob Gilman (Stevens Institute of Technology) “Geometric Group Theory without Geometry


Spring 2004:


Jan 28  - Dani Wise “On the vanishing of the 2nd L2 betti number”

Feb 18 -  Denis Serbin “Malnormality is decidable in fully residually free groups”

Feb 25 – (break)

Mar 3 

Mar 10 – Ted Turner (SUNY Albany) “Test Elements”

Mar 17 – Luis Ribes “Subgroups of Free Products of Profinite Groups

Mar 24 – Bogdan Nica “On a-T-menability

Mar 29 –  (Monday) Misha Kapovich (UC Davis) “TBA”

Apr 14 -  Ralph Stohr (UMIST) “Algebraic sets over metabelian groups”

Apr 21 -  Derrick Chung (McGill) “2-variable equations in a free group”

Apr 28 - Kevin Burnell “Compact Cores”

(unscheduled) Inna Bumagin Relatively hyperbolic groups and almost convexity