Winter 2014 -- Honours Complex Variables (Math 249)

Final Exam:
Tuesday, April 29, at 6pm!!!
Review Sessions:
Monday, April 14, 2pm, Burnside 1214
Monday, April 28, 2pm, Burnside 1214

Deadline for Homework 6 extended to April 10
The 6th homework assignment is optional: The homework portion of the final grade is the maximum average over 5 out of the 6 assignement (plus extra credit) (but cannot exceed 100%).

Some additional practice problems

Deadline for Homework 4 extended to March 13

Note: No office hour on March 3

What's On:
I want to emphasize that any material we will have covered in class or homework is potentially relevant for the mid-term exam on February 20. However, it will emphasize concepts and calculations, rather than the proofs. The midterm will be "closed book".

Midterm Exam:
Is planned for February 27, in class (Thursday, 8:35am)
Complain soon if this doesn't work for you!
By majority vote on January 14, the midterm was moved to February 20, in class (Thursday, 8:35am)

The following might help you to make sure you are absorbing the material.
Week 1 (January 7&9)
Week 2 (January 14&16) corrected
Week 3 (January 21&23) corrected
Week 4 (January 28&30) corrected
Week 5 (February 4&6) corrected
Week 6 (February 11&13) corrected
Week 7 (February 18) corrected
Week 8 (February 25&27) corrected
Week 9 (March 11&13)
Week 10 (March 18&20) corrected
Week 11 (March 25&27)
Week 12 (April 1&3)
Week 13 (April 8&10)
The first three individual students who correct any given mistake or inaccuracy on these summary sheets earn extra credit worth one homework problem (10 points) (at most once per student).

Office Hours:
I am quite flexible if you want to come and ask me questions related to the class, or the homework. But to be sure, the "official" hour is Mondays from 12 to 1, in Rutherford 312.

Homework 1 (due January 21) Solutions
Homework 2 (due February 4) Solutions
Homework 3 (due February 18) Solutions
Midterm with Solutions
Homework 4 (due March 11) deadline extended to March 13 Solutions
Homework 5 (due March 25) deadline extended to March 27 Solutions
Homework 6 (due April 8) deadline extended to March 10
As a general rule, each homework problem can earn you a maximum of 10 points, and counts equally for the homework portion of the final grade. Problems marked as optional yield extra credit.