Johannes Walcher

Associate Professor
Departments of Mathematics and Statistics and Physics, McGill University
Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Mathematical String Theory

McGill HEP-TH Seminars
McGill Physics Colloquium
CIRGET Seminars
CRM MathPhys
Symplectic Topology (UdeM)
Working Group on Mirror Symmetry (UdeM)
CRM Colloquium


Research Interests
  • Mirror symmetry and D-branes
  • Global constraints on string compactifications
  • Topological field and string theory
  • Applications in geometry, topology and algebra
  • The relevant mathematics

  • Publications
  • Recent Publications
  • (Almost) All Publications (inSPIRE)
    Local Seminars
  • High-Energy Physics
    (Tuesday, Thursday 1pm, Rutherford 326)
  • CIRGET Seminars
    (Friday 11am, UQAM PK 5115)

  • Local Groups
  • High Energy Theory (McGill)
  • Mathematical Physics (McGill)
  • Geometry and Topology Lab (CRM)
  • Mathematical Physics Lab (CRM)
  • Teaching

    Summer 2014
  • Group Theory and Physics (Math 480) (Reading course)
  • Phys 731, Math 691 (Directed Reading)

  • Winter 2014
  • Introduction to String Theory (Physics 580)
  • Honours Complex Variables (Math 249)

  • Fall 2013
  • Lie Groups and Representation Theory (Math 599/Math 742)

  • Alia

    Upcoming Local Events
  • CRM Thematic Semester: AdS/CFT, Holography, Integrability, June--December 2015

  • Past and Current Events Elsewhere