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There will be a special issue of the Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra dedicated to Michael Barr, in honour of his 60th birthday, and nominally the proceedings of the BarrFest, held in Montreal 29 - 31 May 1997. We invite submissions to these Proceedings from anyone interested; papers submitted will undergo the usual JPAA referee process, and we are hopeful that the final Proceedings will be ready before summer 1998.

Topics suitable for the Proceedings include any of the subjects to which Michael Barr has contributed, such as homological algebra, triples, embeddings, exact catgeories, torsion theories, topos theory, topology, *-autonomous categories, universal algebra, logic, linear logic, computer science, or linguistics.

The submission deadline for the BarrFest Proceedings is 15 September 1997. Please send five (5) (paper) copies before then to

R.A.G. Seely
Department of Mathematics
McGill University
805 Sherbrooke St W
Montreal H3A 2K6
Quebec, Canada

(If possible) please send an email message to indicating the title (and authors, if other than the sender of the email) of the paper, as well as an abstract (in standard ascii format, maximum 1 page) of the paper. If you are able to provide a uuencoded, compressed PostScript file (300 dpi), please mention this in your email as well. If having the electronic file will speed up the refereeing process, we will get in touch with you to request such files.

For further information, please contact Robert Seely.

F.W. Lawvere (guest editor)
T. Fox, R.A.G. Seely (co-editors)