Why McGill?


McGill Math. & Stat. is internationally recognized for its research activity. An impressive range of research interests, seminars, and graduate courses puts us at the cutting edge of the mathematical sciences. McGill is the place to be!

Financial aid. The department will offer adequate financial support to cover living expenses and tuition fees for all qualified students and offers complementary scholarships for students already holding a fellowship. Keep in mind that the cost of living in Montreal is low.

Personal contact with the staff will allow you to learn and discuss the most recent advances in the various fields represented at McGill. You will engage in your own research projects with supervision from a senior colleague. The atmosphere of the department is congenial and supportive, with open doors and personal commitment of the staff to students.

Excellent Courses. A wide variety of fundamental and advanced courses to choose from, taught by professors who put their heart into it! You can take advantage of courses offered by other universities and get credit for them. Many courses are supported and coordinated by the ISM. Check out the undergrad programs and grad courses in the department.

Research-related activity. Research seminars in diverse areas (for example algebraic geometry, analysis, applied mathematics, computational science and engineering, category theory and logic, geometric group theory , number theory, probability, statistics ), undergraduate seminars, graduate seminars and CRM theme years.

Libraries. An extensive system of libraries with sophisticated search engines, personal assistance and services like the inter-university-loan service, the paper-copy-service for rare journals and more.

Montreal!! A city considered by many as the liveliest and safest major city in North America, famous for its cultural activities. The city enjoys the refinements of European and various ethnical cuisines and fashion, together with the ease of living of America. It serves as a center for the province of Quebec offering a unique mixture of the Francophone and Anglophone communities.

Excellent student services. McGill offers is students a wide range of services, including athletics facilities, museums, public lectures, friendly health and counselling services....Go here to see the complete list.


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