Past Examination Papers for Undergraduate Courses

There are three sources of past examination papers:

The SUMS Exam Database had a wide selection of older exams. Unfortunately the SUMS server crashed recently and all the files were thought to be lost. However, they had been cached by the Wayback Machine (be careful what you post on the internet) and have now been substantially recovered. As a stopgap measure they are posted below, but will eventually revert to SUMS when their new server is up and running.

McGill Library eExams Database First, sign in to MUSE and then click on eExams. You must be connected to MUSE via a McGill campus computer, DAS or VPN in order to view an exam in PDF format. Currently the coverage is from December 2002 to December 2006.

Sometimes the quality of the scans is very poor.

Your instructor has access to old exams in the Maths & Stats department storeroom.



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