Incoming Exchange Students

This page is intended for mathematics & statistics students enrolled in a university other than McGill who wish to spend part of their study at McGill. There are two relevant McGill web sites. The first deals with Exchange Students coming to McGill
and the second relates to exchange agreements with McGill's exchange partners.

To try to figure out an appropriate program of study while you are here, try perusing the course pages in this site. Please note that some courses, typically the engineering math courses may not be open to you. The engineering math courses are limited to engineering students and can only be taken with the approval of the Faculty of Engineering.

You can get timetable information on-line from MINERVA. Note that you can search the course catalog and class schedule without logging in.

Course calendars can also be obtained on-line including the current undergraduate calendar.

The departmental advisor for exchange students (for math related aspects only) is Prof. N. Sancho.

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