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Please note that freshman advising is done at the faculty level. Students planning to take a program in mathematics or statistics should also visit our undergraduate website.

Students planning to major in a math related program should take MATH 139 or MATH 140, MATH 141 and MATH 133 if they do not have equivalents for them. Stronger students who are hoping to graduate with in an honours math program should consider taking MATH 150 and MATH 151 in place of MATH 140 and MATH 141.

Freshman Calculus Courses -- first semester: All of the following require you to have taken a "functions course" previously.

  • Calculus for Management 1 (MATH 122) For Faculty of Management students only. Faculty of Management students who want to take the Management Mathematics Minor Concentration, the Mathematics Major Concentration, the Management Statistics Minor Concentration or the Statistics Major Concentration should take MATH 140 instead and continue with MATH 141. The same is true of management students who plan to take Honours or Joint Honours in Economics. Taking MATH 122 cuts you off from taking the regular MATH 140/141/222 and the MATH 150/151 calculus streams and thereby further math courses. MATH 122 is a course covering both differential and integral calculus, but in substantially less depth than the MATH 140, MATH 141 sequence. Trigonometric functions are not discussed in this course. Faculty of management students continue with MATH 123 which covers Linear Algebra and Probability.
  • Calculus (MATH 139) Equivalent to MATH 140, but for students with no previous knowledge of Calculus. Starting in September 2010, students have a free choice of which of these two courses they take. MATH 139 has 4 credits, 4 hours of lectures/week and 1 hour of tutorials/week. MATH 140 has 3 credits, 3 hours of lectures/week and 1 hour of tutorials/week. There will be a diagnostic test very early in the Fall term to help students to ensure that they are registered in the course more appropriate for their needs.
  • Calculus 1 (MATH 140) For students who have taken high school calculus. This is the standard entry level calculus course.
  • Calculus A (MATH 150) This is the first course of the two course sequence MATH 150, MATH 151 which is equivalent to the standard MATH 140, MATH 141 and MATH 222 calculus sequence taken by Arts and Science students.
This sequence covers the material more rapidly and is more challenging than the standard sequence. It is open to students with high school calculus who have not received six advanced placement credits. Also, to take MATH 150 you need to take Vectors, Matrices and Geometry (MATH 133) as a corequisite or to have already covered this material beforehand. Challenging!

Please note that Mathematics for Management 1 (MATH 130) and Mathematics for Management 2 (MATH 131) previously available to Faculty of Management students have now been retired.

Freshman Calculus Courses -- second semester:Calculus 2

  • (MATH 141) Continuation of MATH 139 and MATH 140.
  • Calculus B (MATH 151) Continuation of MATH 150 for Science and Arts students.

Freshman Linear Algebra Courses:

Note that there are two linear algebra courses for freshman students

  • Vectors, Matrices and Geometry (MATH 133)
  • Enriched Linear Algebra and Geometry (MATH 134)

MATH 134 is recommended for students in mathematics and physical sciences.

Calendar Description for MATH 133: Systems of linear equations, matrices, inverses, determinants; geometric vectors in three dimensions, dot product, cross product, lines and planes; introduction to vector spaces, linear dependence and independence, bases; quadratic loci in two and three dimensions.

Usually given: Fall and Winter and Summer

Prerequisite: a course in functions

Restriction: Not open to students who have taken MATH 221 or CEGEP objective 00UQ or equivalent, Note B: Not open to students who have taken or are taking MATH 123, MATH 130,   MATH 131 or MATH 134, except by permission of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Type: Lecture

Calendar Description for MATH 134: Complex numbers. Systems of linear equations, matrix algebra, determinants. Subspaces of euclidean space, linear dependence and independence, bases. Bilinear and quadratic forms. The Gram-Schmidt process. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors, diagonalization. Orthogonal diagonalization of symmetric matrices. This course is intended for students in mathematics and physical sciences.

Usually given: Fall

Restriction: Not open to students who are taking or have taken MATH 133.

Type: Lecture


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