The purpose of this page is to make it easier to get in touch with classmates that you might have lost track of. The listings will be restricted to those who majored or honored in mathematics (or jointly in mathematics), those who were in a faculty program in mathematics, or those who received a graduate degree in mathematics at McGill. We will also be happy to include you if you had friends in one of these programs and want to keep in touch.

The plan is to list each willing alumnus with their graduating year and program, together with e-mail address and/or webpage address. There could also be other information, such as your current address or your position. This is pretty much up to you, provided it's not too long for the webmaster to type in.

If you would like to be included, drop an email to the webmaster with the information you would like in your listing. If you have any suggestions for this page, please let the webmaster know.

Anderson, William J. MSc (McGill), PhD (McGill)
Professor, Department of Mathematics
McGill University
e-mail: bill@math mcgill ca

Alhazaa, Khalifa B.Sc. (Missouri), Columbia, M.Sc. (McGill) Ph.D. (Missouri), Columbia (ongoing)
Instructor at Qatar University

Bélisle, Claude B.Sc (Sherbrooke), M.Sc. (1981 McGill), Ph.D. (1986 Berkeley)
Professor, Mathematics and Statistics,
Laval University
e-mail: belisle@mat ulaval ca

Campbell, Lucy MSc, PhD (McGill)
Assistant Professor, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Carleton University, Ottawa
e-mail: campbell@math carleton ca

Choboter, Paul M.Sc (1997 McGill), Ph.D. (2002 Alberta)
Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California
e-mail: pchobote@calpoly edu

Craig, Gordon B.Sc (Hons)'97 (Math), M.Sc '99 (Math) McGill,
Ph.D. in progress,
Department of Mathematics, SUNY, Stony Brook, NY
e-mail: gcraig@math sunysb edu

Cytrynbaum, Eric B.Sc '95 (Math) McGill,
Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Mathematics (Institute for Theoretical Dynamics), UC Davis

Fecteau, Ryan BSc (Comp Sci Dec 96)
e-mail: ryan fecteau@cgi ca

Ghitza, Alexandru BSc'99 (McGill) PhD in progress
Department of Mathematics, MIT

Karigiannis, Spiro BSc'97 (McGill), A.M. 1998 (Harvard), PhD 2003 (Harvard)
Postdoctoral Instructor, Michigan State University

Lam, Patrick B.Sc.'99 (Math and CS), MSc '00 (CS) (McGill) PhD in progress
Lab. for Computer Science, MIT
e-mail: plam@mit edu

Lee, Chiu Fan B.Sc. 2000 (Joint Honours Math. & Phys., McGill), CASM 2001 (Cambridge), PhD in progress
Physics Department, Oxford University
e-mail: c lee1@physics ox ac uk

Mattman, Thomas W. M.Sc., PhD. (McGill)
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, California State University, Chico
e-mail: TMattman@CSUChico edu

Michelis, Katina B.Sc.(Hons)'95 (Math), M.Sc.'98 (Applied Math) McGill
Account Executive, Xerox Business Services, Xerox Canada Inc.
e-mail: Katina Michelis@can xerox com

Pucella, Riccardo BSc'94 (McGill), MSc'96 (McGill) PhD in progress.
Department of Computer Science, Cornell University
e-mail: riccardo@cs cornell edu

Seely, Robert B.Sc. (McGill '72), Ph.D. (Cantab '77)
Dept of Maths, McGill, and John Abbott College
e-mail: rags@math mcgill ca

Selby, Alan BSc. Honours Math 1975, M. Sc. Math 1979, Ph. D. Math 1983 (McGill)
Math., Education Author -
e-mail: aselby@whyslopes com

Simons, Christopher BSc (1992 McGill) MA, PhD (Princeton)
Postdoctoral fellow at McGill Mathematics 1997-1999
Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics
Rowan University
e-mail: simons@rowan edu

Talih, Makram B.Sc. '96, M.Sc. '98 (McGill), MA '99 (Yale) Ph.D. in progress,
Department of Statistics Yale University
e-mail: makram talih@yale edu

Vassallo, Charles BSc ('72 Hons math McGill), MSc (Malta).
Assistant Lecturer, University of Malta , College campus
e-mail: charles vassallo@um edu mt

Zhao, Jiabin BSc, MSc (Wuhan), PhD (McGill)
Manager, Software Development Cisco Systems
e-mail: jiabin@cisco com


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