Tuesday, 19 September 2000
2:30 - 4:00   M Barr
Mackey topologies and injectives
Abstract: Let C be a full subcateory of topological abelian groups (TAGs) that is complete and contains the circle group T (1-torus). A character is a continuous homomorphism to T. Denote the (discrete) group of characters of A by A^. It is clear that for any group A there is a weakest topology \sigma A that has the same character group as A, namely the topology induced by the natural embedding of A into T^{A^}. Depending on the nature of C, there may or may not be a strongest such topology (among topologies that belong to C). If there is and it is functorial, we denote the functor by \tau and say that C admits Mackey coreflections. Assume that every object of C has enough characters to separate points (called DS). Then C has Mackey reflections iff T is injective (called DE) in C. The "if" direction is sort of known although not quite stated explicitly in the main source. The other direction seems not have been suspected. The main tool used in the proof is (insert blare of trumpets here) the category chu(Ab,T).
(Joint work with H Kleisli)

Tuesday, 26 September 2000
2:30 - 4:00   M Barr
On HSP completions of categories of TAGs
Abstract: For a category C of TAGs, let PC, SP and HP denote the closure of C under products, subobjects, and Hausdorff quotients, resp. A category of TAGs is said to satisfy

Proposition: HSPC is closed under products, subobjects, and Hausdorff quotients.
Theorem 1: Let C have finite products and satisfy DS, DE, and DC. Then so do PC, SC, and HC.
Theorem 2: Let C satisfy DS, DE, and DC. Then so does the category of all groups of the form A x D, where A is in C and D is discrete.
It follows from the first talk that HSPC in that case has Mackey coreflections. Examples will be given.