During February, I gave a series of talks based on a paper published ten years ago in TAC, called "Topological *-autonomous categories". While preparing the lectures I came on a number of serious defects in that paper. One curious fact is that I mentioned as motivation a question from André Joyal whether the results for real and complex topological vector spaces were also valid for vector spaces over the p-adic completions of the rationals. But I never addressed that question in the paper, let alone solved it. I have now prepared a paper, "Topological *-autonomous categories, revisited" which fixes all the deficiencies and also answers Joyal's question (it is valid for all locally compact fields, which includes those p-adic completions as well as their finite extensions. Similar results hold for the t-adic completions of the Laurent series rings Zp{t} .

The revised paper may be found here