Diagrammatic globular sets

Sjoerd Crans, CTRC Seminar 23 November 1999

After recalling quite a bit from Johnson's paper ``The combinatorics of n-categorical pasting'' [J. Pure Appl. Algebra 62 (1989), 211-225] and the notions of globular cardinal and n-stage tree from Street's paper ``The petit topos of globular sets'' [Preprint 98/232, Macquarie University], I showed that the following are equivalent: In this, a diagrammatic globular set is a finite globular set satisfying the following two conditions, which are easy to check: there is no x with x <| x, and if s (x) = s (y) or t (x) = t (y) then x = y or there exists w with t (w) = x or t (w) = y.

See section 5 of the paper ``Teisi in Ab''.

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