From categories to logic, linguistics and physics: a tribute for the 90th birthday of Joachim Lambek

September 21, 2013

Organizers :
Prakash Panangaden (McGill University)
Philip Scott (University of Ottawa)
Robert A.G. Seely (McGill University)

The official webpage is now available at the CRM site.
The interim one below remains as a brief summary. One point of information: at the CRM site you are invited to register - there is no registration fee, and registration is partly for information as to who will attend, and partly for data used in preparing the CRM's annual report to the funding agencies. It will also help us plan for a successful day.
On Saturday, 21 September we are holding a one-day not-quite-91st-birthday workshop, celebrating the career of Prof Joachim (Jim) Lambek, FRSC. Jim Lambek has been a profoundly inspirational mathematician for more than 60 years, and has made ground-breaking contributions to a number of fields, including algebra, category theory, linguistics, theoretical physics, logic and proof theory. Lambek's work on (categorical approaches to) linguistics, to theoretical physics, and to logic and proof theory will be represented by talks during the meeting. There will be a reception at the CRM following the talks.

The speakers (and schedule) will be as follows:

  1. 9:00-9:50: M. Makkai (McGill)
  2. 10:00-10:50: B. Coecke (Oxford)
  3. 11:10-12:00: P. Selinger (Dalhousie)


  4. 1:30-2:20: M. Moortgat (Utrecht)
  5. 2:30-3:20: C. Casadio (Chieti) / M. Sadrzadeh (Queen Mary)
  6. 3:40-4:30: W. Buszkowski (Poznan)
  7. 4:40-5:30: P. Scott (Ottawa)

    Reception CRM   5:30--6:30.

Abstracts of talks

It would help us plan for the reception after the meeting if we had a rough estimate of how many people plan to attend: if you are planning to join us, please let us know asap. Please register at the CRM site - it will be appreciated.


The talks will be held in the Pavillon André-Aisenstadt, building 20 on the campus map. Further information about getting to the CRM may be found here.

Hotels are a bit scarce near the CRM, but info about some places to stay, and some downtown as well, may be found here.

About Jim Lambek

About a decade and a half ago, the following two notes were written as prefatory material for a celebration of Jim's 75th birthday - you might be interested in reading them (if you've not already done so).
  1. Intro to Lambekfest 1997 (M. Barr)
  2. Intro to MSCS 10, No 2 (2000) (M. Barr, P.J. Scott, R.A.G. Seely)

More Information

Further information may be found at the official CRM website for this one-day meeting.




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