The following is a recent summary from saki on early US chart appearances of the Beatles' hits.
You might want to check out this on-line facsimile of the WLS-AM "survey", listing PPM at number 40.


From: "saki" 
Subject: Re: This is the 1983 Beatles Trivia Quiz
Date: 3 Jan 2006 09:45:48 -0800

WLS-AM in Chicago was the first documented U.S. radio station to play a
Beatles song, "Please Please Me". In the March 8, 1963 "Silver Dollar
Survey" is was at Number 40 and had been on their charts for three
weeks. Note also that the Beatles' name was misspelled on the WLS chart
as "Beattles", the way it appeared on the original Vee Jay single.

KFXM-AM in San Bernardino, California also listed "Please Please Me" by
"The Beatties", charting at Number 41 under the category "Wax To Watch"
for the week of April 6-12, 1963.

KRLA-AM in Pasadena CA played "From Me To You" in late July and August
1963. It reached number 32 in the first week of August 1963.

WORC-AM in Worcester MA played "She Loves You"/"I'll Get You" (both
sides aired though "IGY" was the local favorite) in September and
October 1963.

WWDC-AM played "I Want To Hold Your Hand" on December 17, 1963.