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Are you looking for my Winter 2011 Cal II or Cal III Course pages?

Course Materials

*Maths & Logic (360-124) (Frames version)
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   *Maths & Logic (Marks)
   *Maths & Logic (Texts and other readings)
   *Maths & Logic (Assignments & Practice Test Questions)
   *Maths & Logic (Test Solutions)
   * Contact information
(My office hours, class test dates, current course outline, etc.)

Other Links

* Do you think it's all MAGIC?
    Then take a look at this (Count the little folk! 12 or 13?)
    And here's a classic logic puzzle.
* Interesting places on the web   &   Some books to read
* Advice on anti-virus protection
* Text for Liberal Arts course 360-124 (Maths & Logic)

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