Cal III (Winter 2016)

Important textbook reminder

You will need Chapters 8 & 9 (on series and parametric equations) from your Cal I & II textbook: if you've gotten rid of that book, make sure you buy the Cal III book (which has them).


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Assignments and Answers

(The complete set of asssignments is on the Cal III resource page. They will appear here as needed, and solutions will be posted as appropriate.)

Assignment 0 (PDF Format)   (PS format) (Review only)
Answers to Assignment 0 (GIF)  

Assignment 1 (PDF Format)   (PS format)
Answers to Assignment 1

Assignment 00 (PDF Format)   (PS format) (Review only)
Answers to Assignment 00 (PDF)    Handwritten (more detail) (JPG)   (PDF Format)

Assignment 2 (PDF Format)   (PS format)
Answers for Assignment 2:
The graphs
(Handwritten) solutions: Page 1  Page 2 (for printing)
(Bigger size!: Page 1  Page 2) (just for on-screen)

Assignment 3 (PDF Format)
Note: This assignment covers topics done before the Spring Break, as well as some done after it. You will be asked to hand in questions on two occasions, instead of the usual once.
Don't worry about problems 17 - 33 till after the Spring Break.
Here are the answers to all problems except # 12e,g, 13d,e, 14d,e, 15c,e, 17, 18, 21, 23, 25, 26, 33, (i.e. non-assigned problems)
(Handwritten) solutions: Page 1  Page 2   Page 3   Page 4
(Bigger size!: Page 1  Page 2   Page 3   Page 4)
Here are the answers to all the problems.
(Handwritten) solutions: Page 1  Page 2   Page 3   Page 4
(Bigger size!: Page 1  Page 2   Page 3   Page 4)
The graphs (PDF format) (MWS format - Maple worksheet)
Remark about question 12(g) (the saddle)

Practice for Test 2:
Assignment 3 1/2 (PDF Format)   (PS format)
(Handwritten) solutions  (Bigger size)

After Test 2:
Assignment 4 (PDF Format)   (PS format)
NOTE: The assignment to be handed in consists of the following numbers: 14, 15, 18, 23, 26, 34, 35, 36.
(Handwritten) solutions to the rest of the questions.   (Bigger size).
(Handwritten) solutions  (Bigger size) to numbers 14, 15, 18, 23, 26, 34, 35, 36.

Assignment 5 (PDF Format)   (PS format)
You are asked to do numbers 2d, 4, 6, 10, 12 for marks
To let you review your work on this assignment (as preparation for the test) I am posting the answers - however, if you intend to hand in work for marks, be sure you don't just copy my answers, but show your own work.
Do the problems yourself first, check your work against these answers, and then try again, without copying my answers. Make sure you understand things well enough to be able to do the work on your own (eg on the test!).
I will post more complete solutions later.
Short Answers
Full solutions to non-assigned problems
Full solutions to assigned problems

Practice Tests

Practice for Test 1 (17 Feb 2016):
Practice Test 1
  [Answers]   [More Answers]
Another Practice Test 1

Practice for Test 2 (30 Mar 2016):
Practice Test 2
The graphs
Another Practice Test 2   [Answers]   [Bigger size]
And don't forget Assignment 3 1/2 above (practice for Test 2)

Practice for Test 3 (4 May 2016):
Practice Test 3    [Answers]   [PDF]
Another Practice Test 3   [Answers]

[Image: Evolute of the ellipse]


Test & Answers


Notes on various topics

[Including Review of Cal II series convergence tests]


FLATLAND - A Romance of many dimensions
A novel dealing with the question of whether the fourth dimension can exist, and how we might seek to perceive it (based on the analogy of a 2D being trying to imagine a 3D world). Lots of fun, even if it was written long ago.
[The original site for this novel was here.]

Some Notes on the Fourth Dimension [Another helpful page in visualizing 4D]
[This Union College teacher's Home Page has a lot of good stuff on it. Including tips for studying, mathematical art, movies for maths (including one on hyperboloids, as well as the 4D stuff), geometry and web math projects, and advice for life.]


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