Hints at answers for Practice Test 2

1. These both come from the word problems, Ex 3.3.2, #3,6.

2. These are essentially what Nos 26 (skip line 1 and make lines 2,3 the premises) and 27 amount to, from Ex 3.3.1. (Change A,B,C to p,q,r)

3. Exercise 4.3.1 #7. There is one solution in the text; HERE is another

4. The derivation for the first one also comes from Ex 3.3.1, #29, although the tableaux are simpler (for both). Here they are. And here is the missing derivation.

5. This one is the Trekkie example from the text - the derivation is in Chp 3, and the tableau in Chp 4.