Where to find help for Test 5

Q1: These amount to simple exercises of the sort we did earlier in the semester: a propositional derivation (or truth table or tableau) for the logic question, a simple "membership" argument (or Venn Diagram) for the set theory, and a truth table for the Boolean algebra 2. In fact, there is a connection between these three, which you may use to simplify your work ...

Q2,3,4: All these are covered by the exercises in Chapters 9 and 10. In fact, Q4 is also remarkably similar to Exercise PG1 in Chapter 10.

Q5 we did (essentially) in class.

Q6,7,8: These examples are very similar to ones done in class and in Exercises 10.2.3.

Q9: This you may need to think a bit about, but here's a hint:
          Difficult not this is, according Yoda to.

Q10: You are on your own for the essays! But a couple of comments about them: first, these topics are quite general, and you should regard the entire course experience as possibly relevant in forming your answer. And most importantly, address the issues involved directly. In the past two tests, many of you didn't actually write on the questions asked, but instead wrote on different questions, presumably because you thought that would be easier. I deducted marks for that, and will do the same this time. Read the quotes carefully, and make sure your answer is relevant to the issues raised by them.

Any comments?