McGill Summer School in Statistics and Probability, 2010

Summer School in Statistics and Probability

June 7th - 11th 2010  


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics hosted a Summer School in Statistics and Probability in June 2010.  The School run for one week, and offered participants an introduction to research-level statistics.

The School was supported financially by the Faculty of Science at McGill University, and the Institut des sciences mathématiques (ISM).

The School was primarily aimed at

  • Final Year Undergraduate Students in Mathematics and Statistics,
  • Undergraduate Summer Trainees (NSERC USRA etc.),
  • Master's Students in Statistics

although other undergraduate students, and students from other disciplines (computer science, economics, physics, biology etc.) were allowed to apply.

The aim of the School was to promote statistics and probability as potential areas for academic research at the graduate level, and for careers in academia, industry or government agencies.

The Department offered twenty places with financial support (local accommodation and travel) for students across Canada, and also up to ten places without funding aimed at students in Montréal and Québec.  Applications were also considered from students outside of Canada.



The timetable for the school is can be found here:

  • Saturday/Sunday: Students arrive in Montréal
  • Monday-Friday (am/pm): In-class presentations by Faculty on Topics in Foundations of Statistics and Statistical Research
    • Probability
    • Theoretical statistics
    • Computational methods
    • Research projects of the faculty
    • Other topics: Biostatistics applications, statistics in industry, statistical consultancy, careers
  • Evenings: Social activities.




  • Dr Louigi Addario-Berry
  • Dr William Anderson
  • Dr Masoud Asgharian
  • Dr Christian Genest
  • Dr Abbas Khalili
  • Dr Johanna Nešlehová
  • Dr Russ Steele
  • Dr David Stephens
  • Dr Alain Vandal
  • Dr David Wolfson




Applicants needed a strong background in mathematics and/or statistics, and should have taken courses in statistics at at least second year undergraduate level.

Exceptional students from other disciplines with sufficient mathematics background were also considered.


In order to be considered for a place at the School, applicants needed to send by email to @

          1.  A letter explaining why they were interested in attending
          2.  A CV, including courses taken and GPA
          3.  A letter of reference from a tutor/professor in support of the application


For further details of the School and funding opportunities, email @


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