Graduate Students

NameOfficeInterestssort icon
Cormier, Eric JulienBurnside Hall, Room 1036Stochastic process, Bayesian statistics, Multivariant Analysis
Murphy, Orla AislinnBurnside Hall, Room 1034Statistics
Coté, Marie-PierBurnside Hall, Room 1030Statistics
McVittie, JamesBurnside Hall, Room 1018Statistics
Farooqui, AnusarBurnside Hall, Room 1023Pure Mathematics
Munroe, PatrickBurnside Hall, Room 1007Pure mathematics
Woodhouse, DanielBurnside Hall, Room 1034Pure Math
Lei, TaoBurnside Hall, Room 1017probability and graph theory
Wen, YutingBurnside Hall, Room 1017Probability and combinatorics
Lu, SiyuanBurnside Hall, Room 1020PDE & Geometry
Al-Balushi, IbrahimBurnside Hall, Room 1132Ordinary and partial Differential Equations, classical and numerical linear algebra, Fourier and wavelet Analysis
de Quehen, VictoriaBurnside Hall, Room 1018Number Theory
Restrepo, Juan IgnacioBurnside Hall, Room 1008Number Theory
Simard, NicolasBurnside Hall, Room 1031Number Theory
Alzahrani, ManalBurnside Hall, Room 1029Number Theory
Pineros-Rodriguez, ManuelaBurnside Hall, Room 1008Mathematical Biology
Piché, AlexandreBurnside Hall, Room 1018Machine Learning, Bayesian Nonparametric and Computational Statistics
Shinko, ForteBurnside Hall, Room 1007Logic and Algebra
Polak, JasonBurnside Hall, Room 1019Langlands program, algebraic groups, simplicial algebra, algebraic K-theory
Boodaghians, ShantBurnside Hall, Room 1140Graph Theory, Algorithm Design, Game Theory
Tcheng, AlexandraBurnside Hall, Room 1029Geometry, PDEs and Numerical analysis.
Alcolado, Adam RaphaelBurnside Hall, Room 1134Geometry, Mathematical Physics
Causley, BroderickBurnside Hall, Room 1017Geometry, Analysis, Spectral Theory
Bar-Natan, AssafBurnside Hall, Room 1035Geometric Group Theory and Topology
Jankiewicz, KatarzynaBurnside Hall, Room 1019Geometric Group Theory
Abdenbi, BrahimBurnside Hall, Room 1132Geometric Group Theory
Makhmali, OmidBurnside Hall, Room 1134geometric analysis, differential geometry
Dixon, KaelBurnside Hall, Room 1020Differential geometry, Hermetian Geometry
Nazari Zahraei Motlagh, Erfan Burnside Hall, Room 1018Differential Geometry - Mathematical Logic
Cheung, AmyBurnside Hall, Room 1023Arithmetic geometry, number theory
Gonzalez, IvanBurnside Hall, Room 1021Applied Mathematics (Voronoi Regions)
Saldanha Salvador, TiagoBurnside Hall, Room 1036Applied Math
Cassidy, TylerBurnside Hall, Room 1030Applied Math
Froehlich, SaraBurnside Hall, Room 1035Analysis, geometry
Bachrachas, JanineBurnside Hall, Room 1029Analysis and Riemannian Geometry
Lee, Hao (Billy)Burnside Hall, Room 1035Algebraic Geometry, Number Theory
Tomberg, ArtourBurnside Hall, Room 1021Algebraic Geometry, Integrable Systems
Graham, RobertBurnside Hall, Room 1020Algebra
Smith, ChristopherBurnside Hall, Room 1218
McGillivray, AnnalizaBurnside Hall, Room 1132
Joyal, BrunoBurnside Hall, Room 1018
Couture, Eric-PaulBurnside Hall, Room 1218
Elmasri, MohamadBurnside Hall, Room 1134
Eslava, LauraBurnside Hall, Room 1017
Novytska, YuliyaBurnside Hall, Room 1007
Chatelain, SimonBurnside Hall, Room 1017
Della Vecchia, AntonyBurnside Hall, Room 1133
Hoda, NimaBurnside Hall, Room 1133
Jazi, OmidaliBurnside Hall, Room 1023
Lin, Su-ChienBurnside Hall, Room 1115
Martine, GabrielBurnside Hall, Room 1132
Moran, SpencerBurnside Hall, Room 1133
Pozzi, AliceBurnside Hall, Room 1008
Schulz, JulianaBurnside Hall, Room 1034
Wu, XianChaoBurnside Hall, Room 1007
Zou, ChenglongBurnside Hall, Room 1035
Abbasi, BilalBurnside Hall, Room 1036
Carrington, RebeccaBurnside Hall, Room 1140
Finlay, ChristopherBurnside Hall, Room 1140
Fornea, MicheleBurnside Hall, Room 1008
Grenier, IsabelleBurnside Hall, Room 1032
Godin, JonathanBurnside Hall, Room 1033
Herta, GabrielBurnside Hall, Room 1033
Javanshiri, ZobrehBurnside Hall, Room 1115
Karpukhin, MikhailBurnside Hall, Room 1021
Leavitt, NicolasBurnside Hall, Room 1218
Lee, HwiBurnside Hall, Room 1218
Létourneau, VincentBurnside Hall, Room 1031
McGregor, GeoffreyBurnside Hall, Room 1029
Meng, VivianBurnside Hall, Room 1032
Mirza-Hossein, BahareBurnside Hall, Room 1019
Pencer, MatthewBurnside Hall, Room 1030
Wang, ShaodongBurnside Hall, Room 1019
Wilks, AdamBurnside Hall, Room 1117
Zhang, DongliangBurnside Hall, Room 1036
Zhao, MengBurnside Hall, Room 1034
Sun, Yue Ru Burnside Hall, Room 1133
Douba, SamiBurnside Hall, Room 1023
Thiagalingam, ErvinBurnside Hall, Room 1007