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The Department of Mathematics and Statistics
McGill University
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Montreal, QC,
H3A 0B9, Canada

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Research Interests

I am interested in the geometry of non-complete algebraic varieties, in particular affine spaces or varieties that closely resemble them. A central theme in my research over the past few years has been the linearizability of algebraic group actions on affine spaces, actions of tori in particular, which lead to quite fascinating geometric problems. Article (25) below gives an overview of the proof that $\C^*$-actions on $\C^3$ are linearizable, a result to which (23) and (24) make essential contributions. In (43) we extend this result to non-algebraically closed fields in the novel context of studying separable forms of $\G_m$-actions on $\A^3$. In (44) we study linearizability in a relative context, in particular for reductive actions on $\A^3$ that admit a semi-invariant variable, making use of a very general generic equivalence theorem for for morphisms with isomorphic closed fibers. Specific results, modest first steps in the study of reductive actions with general orbit of co-dimension 2, are the linearizability of finite group actions on $\C^3$ with a semi-invariant variable (48) and $\C^*$-actions on $\C^4$ with an invariant variable (49).
In continuation of the work in (24), Koras and I in (33) characterize $\C^2/G$, $G$ a finite group, as a normal, affine, topologically contractible surface with negative Kodaira dimension and a unique quotient singular point. Together with recent work of Gurjar this implies that all two-dimensional quotients of affine n-space by a reductive group are of this form (37). Articles (26), (27), (31), (36) are interrelated and have as a common theme "affine rational surfaces with large automorphism groups (many additive actions)". (31) classifies normal affine surfaces with trivial Makar-Limanov invariant and torsion Picard group for the smooth locus. In (39) and (40) we study the relationship between the topology and the Kodaira dimension of a normal affine surface and the type of the singularities it can carry. This generalizes results of (33). We have recently begun similar investigations in dimension 3 (42). In (35) we classify certain birational endomorphisms of $\C^2$, linking the problem to the description of all open subsets isomorphic to an affine plane in a ruled surface minus a section.
Another recurrent theme in my research has been the study of plane algebraic curves, rational ones in particular. (28) and (30) are in this area, and I am pursuing an old goal to understand all closed embeddings of $\C^*$ into $\C^2$, with some progress in sight (38) (41) (47). I also have a longstanding interest in the special problems raised by positive characteristic, whether in the complete or non-complete context. In collaboration with R. Ganong and A. Sathaye I have recently taken up again the problem of understanding lines in the plane in positive characteristic.


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