Euclidean & Non-Euclidean Geometry

Euclidean Links:
Euclid History about the man whose name bares this subject
Euclidean Distance A definition
Euclidean Geometry: Examples of isometries and compostions in Euclidean space
Frieze Patterns examples from the real world, a little hard to see, but has definitions
General Eucliden Information Mostly information on Euclidean geometry, but some non-Euclidean as well
Tilings Explanations of various ways of tiling
Wall Paper Groups A very colourful explanation of wall paper groups

Non-Euclidean Links:
Construction of Projection Walk through of how to create the projective tiangles
Eliptical Geometry Information on geometry on the sphere and on the projective plane
Hyperbolic Geometry Alot of good information about hyperbolic information with good examples
Ineractive Geometry A collection of online programs to graph different types of geometries
Minkowski SpaceTime Internal Links to Visualization and the timedilaiton property
Neutral & Non-Euclidean Geometries Excellent resources covering numerous geometric topics
Non Eucliden Geometry Check the bottom for further links for further information
Projective Plane 1 Alot of information, with a slant towards computer vision
Projective Plane 2 Some general information on the plane includidng some axioms
SpaceTime Some general information about Special relativity, definitions and such
Special Relativity Well explained theory on this site
Sperical Geometry A lot of information about geometry on a sphere
The Pseudosphere Pictoral representations of the theory of the pseudosphere

Miscellaneous Links:
American Mathematica Society Home page
Euclidean Math Club Web site of a club devoted to Geometry
Mathematic Departmets at other UniversitiesWorld wide
Mathematic Institutes and Labratories
World wide
Geometric Software Downloads of varrying software for multiple Operating Systems
Society for Industial and Applied Mathematics Link page
The Mathematical Association of America Link page