Summer 2016 research awards – Apply now for NSERC USRA and SURA

Here is information about two related undergraduate research funding opportunities for Summer 2016: NSERC USRA and SURA. Please read on for description. The deadlines and contact information are at the very end of this email.


The NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) in Universities program is meant to stimulate interest in research in the natural sciences and engineering, and the pursuit of research careers in these fields. Recipients engage in a research and development activity under the supervision of a professor holding an NSERC grant. It is an opportunity to gain research experience in an academic setting, while receiving financial support for summer 2016. Restrictions include: students must be Canadian citizens and permanent residents, and research must be in the field of natural science and engineering. However, there are other options for international students, or for projects in social sciences or health/medical sciences, such as the SURA program described below. To find out more about the NSERC USRA program, please start at:


Science Undergraduate Research Awards (SURAs) are for both Canadian and international McGill students registered in a science undergraduate program (B.Sc.; B.A.&Sc.). SURAs are broadly similar to the NSERC USRA, except that international students may also apply, and the program covers all areas of science research(social science and health/medical science, in addition to natural science and engineering). SURA recipients will engage in 16 weeks of full-time research and development activity under the supervision of a McGill professor holding grant funding, and will gain research experience in an exciting academic setting, while receiving financial support. To find out more about this program:


Where do you submit an application?

  • Generally: Apply through your proposed supervisor's school or department, not necessarily your own. See websites above for more details.
  • For both NSERC USRA and SURA: Each Faculty of Science unit (school or department) will have a quota of available awards, and its own selection process and deadlines.
  • For SURA only: There are a limited number of additional awards for Science students, with a McGill professor from outside the Faculty of Science (for example, B.Sc. student with Faculty of Dentistry professor; B.A.&Sc. student with Faculty of Medicine professor; etc.). These are called Pan-McGill SURAs. The forms are the same, but where you submit your application is different, and they are described on the main SURA webpage (see above for link).


What application forms do I use?

  • To apply for NSERC USRA: Use the NSERC online application system. Start at
  • If you are not applying for NSERC USRA but want to apply for SURA: Use the new webform-based SURA forms available on not use last year’s PDF-based SURA forms.
  • If you are already applying for NSERC USRA and also want to apply for SURA: The Department of Mathematics and Statistics will use your NSERC USRA forms for now. If you are chosen for a SURA, you and your supervisor will have to complete the SURA forms later. Note that if you are applying through another department, they may require the SURA forms now.


Priority will be given to  U1, U2 and Non-graduating U3 students.  


If you are a B.A. student, you are ineligible for the SURA program. B.A. students are eligible for the NSERC USRA program. B.A. students may also want to look into the ARIA program offered by the Faculty of Arts.


Contact information: In the Department of Mathematics and Statistics , the department contact is Angela White. Please send email  to if you have any questions. The department deadlines areFriday February 26, 2016 for NSERC USRA and for SURA. For more information, or for other departments’ details, please refer to the NSERC USRA and SURA websites,


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