CANCELLED Seminar Geometric Analysis -- Non-uniqueness results for the anisotropic Calderon problem with data measured

11/06/2015 - 13:30
11/06/2015 - 14:30
Thierry Daude (Cergy-Pontoise)
Burnside Hall, Rm. 920 (McGill University)

In this talk, we shall give some simple counterexamples to uniqueness for the Calderon problem on Riemannian manifolds with boundary when the Dirichlet and Neumann data are measured on disjoint sets of the boundary. We provide counterexamples in the case of two and three dimensional Riemannian manifolds with boundary having the topology of circular cylinders in dimension two and toric cylinders in dimension three. The construction could be easily extended to higher dimensional Riemannian manifolds. This is joint work with Niky Kamran (McGill University) and Francois Nicoleau (Universite de Nantes).

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