Doctoral Program Comprehensive Examinations -- part B only

MATH 701 — Ph.D Preliminary Examination Part B.

(Rules applyimg to students who entered the Ph.D. program prior to September 2007.)

  1. The purpose of the Part B Examination is to ensure that a student getting a Ph.D. degree from our Department be well versed in at least two areas of Mathematics and Statistics which go beyond the basic knowledge required for the Part A Examination.
  2. A Standing Committee on the Part B Examination shall be set up by the Graduate Affairs Committee and shall consist of a Chair and two other members. This subcommittee will be responsible for approving the choice of examination topics for each candidate, for designating the members of the student's Examining Committee and for arranging the place, date and time of the examination. The Part B Subcommittee will assume total responsibility for informing students of deadlines both impending and expired concerning the Part B Examination.
  3. The student, in consultation with the supervisor, will propose to the Part B Subcommittee two topics and a principal examiner for each. Each topic should be based on a one semester 600 or 700 level course, or similarly advanced material, and will usually be defined by a book, a designated part of a book or a collection of research papers. A reasonably detailed description, countersigned by the prospective principal examiner, will be submitted in writing to the Part B Subcommittee. The Part B Subcommittee will inform the student in writing of its approval of the proposals. The exam is to be held not earlier than 2 and no later than 6 months from this date. The student will inform the Part B Subcommittee at least one month in advance of the date the exam is to be taken. The Part B Subcommittee will then set up an examining committee consisting of the 2 principal examiners, two other examiners, and a member of the Part B Subcommittee who will act as Chair of the examining committee.

    The exam will be open to members of the Department. The exam will be conducted mainly by the principal examiners. The Part B examination is an oral examination: notes, books, or other materials are not allowed. After the principal examiners have finished their part, the other members of the examining committee and other members of the Department present may pose further questions. The student's status at the end of the exam is to be determined by a majority vote of the examining committee.

  4. The student must take a Part B Examination not later than five semesters (not including summers) after beginning the Ph.D. program. If the student fails in one or both topics presented, he or she may repeat the examination once, and this within the following four months, at a time to be approved by the Part B Subcommittee.
  5. The Part B Examination must be completed successfully before scheduling the thesis defense.
  6. These regulations are to take effect beginning in September 1997.
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