Information for Prospective Graduate Students

The department has many outstanding researchers in Mathematics and Statistics with international reputations. We also pride ourselves on the excellence of our teaching and research training. As a graduate student you will have an extensive curriculum to choose from, with both fundamental and advanced courses in every branch of mathematics: algebra, analysis, differential equations, geometry, logic, statistics and scientific computing.

More about graduate studies in Mathematics and Statistics at McGill

In stark contrast to the situation in some other disciplines, in Mathematics and Statistics there is a strong spirit of cooperation between the different universities in the Montréal area. These comprise the Institut des sciences mathématiques (ISM). The member departments represent:

As a graduate student, you may take certain courses at the other Universities associated with the ISM for credit.

The Centre de recherches mathématiques is a Montréal  research centre, now officially affiliated to McGill, which presents an astonishing variety of activities including theme years and theme semesters as well as short duration conferences.

There are many different ethnic and cultural groups thriving in Montréal. The city is a veritable mosaic of activities. The Summer is filled wall-to-wall with one festival after another. The most famous is the Montréal Jazz Festival with its numerous free outdoor concerts, but there is enough going on to satisfy all tastes. Relative to most Canadian cities, Montréal is a fairly inexpensive place to live, in fact very good value for money.

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