Contact Information for Departmental Advisors

Note: The contact information below is intended only for students who have been already admitted into McGill. Persons wishing to undertake a course of study at McGill University should contact the admissions office.

Please note that freshman students are not advised at the departmental level. Freshman students seeking academic advice should contact a Faculty Advisor at Dawson Hall (for Arts and Science students) or at the Faculty Office of the relevant faculty in other cases.

Information on Science freshman advising can be found at

For Arts

Adviser Program e-mail Room Phone
Armel Kelome - Chief Adviser Troubleshooting/Exchange Students/ Math Major/Math Minor 1129 514-398-2379
Prof. Asgharian Statistics programs (Arts and Science) 1237 514-398-1461
Prof. Drury Gen. Advising / Honours Applied Math / Joint Honours 1216 514-398-3830

Prof. Darmon

Honours Math & Computer Science 1111 514-398-2263
Prof. Genest Actuarial Sciences 1226 514-398-3816
Prof. Hundemer  Calculus Coordinator/Management/Exchange Students 1128 514-398-5318
Prof. Jaksic, Undergraduate Program Director Honours Maths & Physics 1209 514-398-
Prof. Neslehova

Joint Honours Component (Arts)/Minor Concentration in Statistics (Arts) 1239 514-398-8854
Prof. Roth Engineering 1227 514-398-3839
Prof. Steele Statistics Program (Arts and Science) 1232 514-398-3837
Prof. Toth Joint Honours  Math and Physics 1213 514-398-3847
Prof. Tsogtgerel Honours Applied Mathematics 1123 514-398-2510

 Prof. Vetta

Honours Math & Computer Science (Joint Major Mathematics & Computer Science) 1118 514-398-3822
Prof. Wolfson Honours Statistics 1228 514-398-3840


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