Sherwin A. Maslowe

  • Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, McGill University
  • Burnside Hall, 805 Sherbrooke St. W.
  • Montreal, Que. H3A 2K6

Research Interests

Hydrodynamic stability, nonlinear waves in geophysical fluid dynamics and in vortices; resonant wave interactions in boundary layers and in geophysical fluid dynamics; aeroacoustics and numerical methods for solving partial differential equations arising in the foregoing research areas. Also, some interest in the PDE approach to mathematical finance.

Recent Journal Articles

Publications in Books

  • "Shear Flow Instabilities and Transition ", Chapter 7 (pp. 181.228) in Hydrodynamic Instabilities and the Transition to Turbulence (H.L. Swinney and J.P. Gollub, Eds.), Springer.Verlag (1981).
  • "Critical Layers in Shear Flows ", Ann. Rev. Fluid Mech. 18, 405.432 (1986).
  • "Waves in Shear Flows ", (pp. 347.363) in Continuum Mechanics and Its Applications (G.A. Graham and S.K. Malik, Eds.), Hemisphere Publishing Corp. (1989).
  • Moreau, R.J., Pigny, S.L. and Maslowe, S.A., "Amplitude Evolution of Interfacial Waves in Aluminum Reduction Cells " in Liquid Metal Magnetohydrodynamics (J. Lielpeteris and R. Moreau, eds.; Kluwer Academic Publishers) 197-204 (1989).
  • Moreau, R.J., Pigny, S.L. and Maslowe, S.A., "Interfacial Instabilities and Waves in the Presence of a Transverse Electric Current " in New Trends in Nonlinear Dynamics and Pattern Forming Phenomena: The Geometry of Nonequilibrium (P. Coullet and P. Huerre, eds.; Plenum Press). (p. 95-102)
  • Busse, F.H., Gollub, J.P., Maslowe, S.A. and Swinney, H.L., "Recent Progress ", Chapter 10, 2nd edition of Hydrodynamic Instabilites and the Transition to Turbulence (ed. H.L. Swinney and J.P. Gollub; Berlin, Springer) 289-302 (1985).

Honours & Awards

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