* Farhad Shokouhi, Postdoctoral fellow, Statistics: (2013-2014)

** Co-supervision with Masoud Asgharian.

* Omidali Aghababaei Jazi, PhD, Statistics: (2013-current)

** Co-supervision with Masoud Asgharian.

* Annaliza Mcgillivray, PhD, Statistics: (2012-current)

** Co-supervision with Dave Stephens.

* Gillian Ainsworth, PhD student, Biostatistics: (2012-current)

** Co-supervision with Erica Moodie.

* Yeting Du, Master student: (2010-2012)

** Co-supervision with Johanna Neslehova.

Thesis: Fixed and Random Effect Selection in Finite Mixture of Linear Mixed Effect Models.

** Yeting is currently a PhD student in Biostatistics at Harvard Univeristy.

* Annaliza Mcgillivray, Accelerated Master program: (2011-2012)

Thesis: Estimation of the Number of Hidden States in Hidden Markov Models.

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