Student Seminar in Mathematical Physics 2011

Assignment 1: pdf file Due Monday, Feb 28, in class.

Assignment 2: pdf file Due Monday, April 4, in class.

Projects: pdf file To be presented Monday, April 4, in class.

Instructors: Vojkan Jaksic and Robert Seiringer.
Time and Place: Mondays, 16:00--18:00, BURN 920. The first seminar will take place on Mon, Jan 10.
Audience: The seminar is addressed to honours U1-U3 undergraduate students who are interested in mathematical physics.
U3 students may take seminar for credit. If you would like to take seminar for credit, please contact the instructors.
Summer research: Several research projects and summer research scholarships will be available to undergraduate students interested in the summer part of the seminar.
The selection is at the instructor discretion.
Summer school on Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics Montreal, July 1-29, 2011.
Accelerated B.Sc./MSc Stream See file for more information.
If you are interested in pursuing this stream in the field of mathematical physics, please contact the instructors.
Some reading (and watching!)
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences by Eugene Wigner.
The Character of Physical Law by Richard Feynman.
Lecture notes from the last year seminar.
Note: 2011 seminar will be technically less demanding then previous seminars and in principle accesible to U1 students who are willing to do some additional reading.
The lectures notes are typed and edited by Dana Mendelson abd Mireille Prevost.
pdf file
Overview of Probability pdf file
Lectures on Bose-Einstein condensation pdf file

Notes from the seminars held in previous years:
Dynamical Systems pdf file
Notes were taken by Alex Tomberg
Gaussian Random Fields pdf file
Notes were taken by Alex Tomberg and Vincent Larochelle
Quantum Statistical Mechanics pdf file
Notes were taken by Ilya Feige and Dana Mendelson.

Dana Mendelson and Alex Tomberg's article on Spectral Theorem: The Delta Epsilon, 4, pages 36-42