MATH 595, WINTER 2019, Entropy in Quantum Information Theory

IMPORTANT: The course will start on Monday, Feb 4, 17:00, BURN 1120.
The class schedule: Mon, Wed, Fri, 17:00--18:30, BURN 920.
Instructor: Vojkan Jaksic, BURN 1222, 398-3827,
Office hours : By appointment
Web page : The course documents will be posted on this web page along with the announcements
so you are urged to consult this site regularly.
Marking scheme : Your mark will be based on a take home midterm exam (50%) and take home final exam (50%).
Reading material :
1. Lecture notes pdf .
2. Chapters 2,3,4 of the lecture notes pdf
3. Lecture notes pdf
4. Michael Wolf lecture notes pdf
5. Hans Maassen lecture notes
6. Another lecture notes by Hans Maassen
7. Book Quantum Computation and Quantum Information by M.A. Nielsen and I.L. Chuang
8. Book Probablistic and Statistical Aspects of Quantum Theory by A. Holevo
This is a more advanced reading.
9. Book Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Statistics by D. Petz
10. Book The Theory of Quantum Information by J. Watrous,
In the event of extraordinary circumstances beyond the University's control,
the content and/or evaluation scheme of this course is subject to change.

Academic integrity : McGill University values academic integrity.
Therefore all students must understand the meaning and consequences of cheating,
plagiarism and other academic offences under the code of student contact and
disciplinary procedures (see for more information).