Procedures for Graduate Supervisory Problem Committee

  • Student complains.
  • CGA chair advises student to discuss with supervisor.
  • If not resolved, then student meets with CGA chair and complaints noted. Paper trail begins.
  • CGA chair discusses, gets response from supervisor.
  • Meeting of CGA chair, student, and supervisor. Notes taken and signed by all present.
  • If no resolution, then submit case to Graduate Supervisory Problem Committee (see below for composition). This committee keeps notes and may interview concerned parties.
  • Committee sends recommendations to chair of department.
  • If at any point student is unhappy with procedures, student is encouraged to approach University Ombudsperson.

Composition of Committee

This will be an ad hoc committee with members chosen as follows:

  • one person named by student,
  • one student named by supervisor,
  • one person named by Department chair, or chair of CGA, chosen from among faculty and graduate students of the Department.

These procedures for handling graduate supervisory problems were passed at the Departmental Meeting on Monday, October 25, 1999.

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