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Eyal Z. Goren

Department of Mathematics & Statistics, 
McGill University.




Mail Address:
Department of Mathematics and Statistics 
McGill University 
805 Sherbrooke St. West 
Montreal, Quebec 
Canada H3A 0B9

email: eyal "dot" goren "at" mcgill "dot" ca
Office: McGill University, Burnside Hall, Room 1108 
Office Hours: Mon 17:00-18:00 in BURN1214, Fri 14:30-16:00, or by appointment

Phone: (514) 398-3815  Fax: (514) 398-3899 

Research Interests:
Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Number Theory

Special Announcements:


If I were a Springer-Verlag Graduate Text in Mathematics, I would be Joe Harris's Algebraic Geometry: A First Course.

I am intended to introduce students to algebraic geometry; to give them a sense of the basic objects considered, the questions asked about them, and the sort of answers one can expect to obtain. I thus emphasize the classical roots of the subject. For readers interested in simply seeing what the subject is about, I avoid the more technical details better treated with the most recent methods. For readers interested in pursuing the subject further, I will provide a basis for understanding the developments of the last half century, which have put the subject on a radically new footing. Based on lectures given at Brown and Harvard Universities, I retain the informal style of the lectures and stresses examples throughout; the theory is developed as needed. My first part is concerned with introducing basic varieties and constructions; I describe, for example, affine and projective varieties, regular and rational maps, and particular classes of varieties such as determinantal varieties and algebraic groups. My second part discusses attributes of varieties, including dimension, smoothness, tangent spaces and cones, degree, and parameter and moduli spaces.

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