• Ibrahim Al Balushi, Adaptive spline finite element methods for biharmonic problems
  • Xuan Dai, Lie groups in numerical solution of differential equations
  • Guillaume Feigna, Adaptive mixed finite element methods for the Stokes problem
  • Nicolas Fortier, Generating numerical evidence for the Riemann hypothesis and beyond
  • Woo Jin Jang, Numerical linear algebra?
  • Alex Laguë, Gluing constructions in general relativity
  • Erick Schultz, Analysis of discrete exterior calculus
  • Tian Xia, Adaptive ODE integrators


  • TR 10:00 Burnside 1214

    Th 5/5
    Ibrahim, Nicolas, Erick
    Tu 5/10
    Tian, Alex
    Th 5/12
    Erick, Xuan, Woojin
    Tu 5/17
    Alex, Guillaume, Ibrahim
    Th 5/19  
    Tian, Nick, Xuan, Woojin, Erick
    Tu 5/24
    Guillaume, Alex, Woojin
    Th 5/26  
    Nick, Tian
    Tu 5/31
    Guillaume, Alex, Nick
    Tu 6/2
    Tian, Xuan, Woojin
    Tu 6/7