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Dr David A. Stephens
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Department of Mathematics and Statistics
McGill University
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I am a statistician working on Bayesian inference and applications, specifically theory and applications of Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC).
I am currently the Editor-in-Chief of The Canadian Journal of Statistics.

My main areas of applied interest are
Here is a list of some recent publications (appeared/accepted 2007-2015):  my  Google scholar page is here  
  1. Weston, D, Russell, RA, Batty, E, Jensen, K, Stephens, DA, Adams, NM, and Freemont, PS, New quantitative approaches reveal the spatial preference of nuclear compartments in mammalian fibroblasts, Accepted for Publication, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, January 2015.
  2. Graham, DJ, McCoy, EJ and Stephens, DA, Approximate Bayesian inference for double robust estimation, Accepted for Publication, Bayesian Analysis, December 2014
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  5. Hanley, JA, Saarela O, Stephens, DA, and Thalabard, J-C, hGH isoforms differential immunoassays applied to blood samples from athletes: Decision limits for anti-doping testing, Growth Hormone & IGF Research, 2014 pii: S1096-6374(14)00049-5. doi: 10.1016/j.ghir.2014.06.001.
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  7. Ertefaie, A., Asgharian, M. and Stephens, DA. Propensity score estimation in the presence of length-biased sampling: a non-parametric adjustment approach. Stat, 3: 83–94. doi: 10.1002/sta4.46, Mar 2014.
  8. Rich B, Moodie EEM, and Stephens DA. Simulating sequential multiple assignment randomized trials to generate optimal personalized warfarin dosing strategies. Clinical Trials. 2014 Jan 24.
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  10. Wallace MP, Stewart CE, Moseley MJ, Stephens DA, Fielder AR; Monitored Occlusion Treatment Amblyopia Study (MOTAS) Cooperatives; Randomized Occlusion Treatment Amblyopia Study (ROTAS) Cooperative. Compliance with occlusion therapy for childhood amblyopia. Investigations in Ophthalmology and Visual Science. 2013 Sep 17;54(9):6158-66. doi: 10.1167/iovs.13-11861. 
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Some technical reports can be found here.

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Professor David A. Stephens
Room 1225, Burnside Hall
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
McGill University

Phone: 514-398-2005
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E-mail : David Stephens
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Professor David A. Stephens
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
McGill University
Burnside Hall
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I joined McGill from Imperial College in London on July 1st 2006.

For more information about older research, please see my old Imperial website

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