Daniel Disegni

I am a CRM postdoctoral fellow. Before that I was a PhD student at Columbia (advisor Shou-Wu Zhang).

Email: daniel.disegni {at} mcgill.ca.

Office 1208
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
McGill University
805 Sherbrooke St. West
Montreal, QC H3A 0B9

But during Winter 2015 more often at:

Office 4349
Centre de recherches mathématiques
Université de Montréal, Pavillon Aisenstadt
2920 Chemin de la tour, Room 5357
Montréal, QC H3T 1J4


I am interested in L-functions and the arithmetic of algebraic varieties.

(What are those things? You could find a more leisurely description of the sort of things that I do for a living in the Afterword to my thesis, which I wrote for friends and family and the average person who went to high school. My thesis was a preliminary version of paper number 1 below.)

Papers and preprints

2. The p-adic Gross-Zagier formula on Shimura curves, coming soon.

1. p-adic Heights of Heegner points on Shimura curves, 2014, to appear in Algebra & Number Theory.  pdf  


Winter 2015: Advanced Topics in Number Theory

Wednesdays 2.00-4.30 pm in room 4336 at the CRM, Pavillon Aisenstadt, Université de Montréal.

The course goal is to explain the background and results of the recent preprint:
Yifeng Liu, "Gross-Kudla-Schoen cycles and twisted triple product Selmer groups".
If you would like to receive announcements related to the course and are not on the list, please send me an email.

Office hours: after class or by appointment.