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1. Brian Beckage(Duke University), Lawrence Joseph, David B. Wolfson, and Patrick Belisle. 'Estimating seedling densities in and out of canopy gaps:a Bayesian changepoint analysis'.

2. Masoud Asgharian, David B. Wolfson, and Cyr Emile M'Lan. (1999). 'Length biased sampling with right censoring: an unconditional approach'. (To be submitted to The Journal of the American Statistical Association)

3. Christina Wolfson, David B.Wolfson, Masoud Asgharian, Cyr Emile M'Lan and Truls Ostbye, for the Clinical Progression of Dementia Study Group. (1999). 'Survival from onset of dementia: shorter than previously reported'. (To be submitted to the New England Journal of Medicine)

4. Xiaojie Zhou, Lawrence Joseph and David Wolfson. (1999). 'A Bayesian A-optimal model robust design criterion'. (Under revision, to be submitted to Biometrics)

1. Patrick Belisle, Lawrence Joseph, David Wolfson and Xiaojie Zhou. (1999). 'Estimating cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease'. (Under revision for Statistics in Medicine)

 2. Xioajie Zhou, Lawrence Joseph, David B. Wolfson. (1999).  'Bayesian optimal design for changepoint problems'. (Submitted to The Annals of Statistics)


1.  Lawrence Joseph, David B. Wolfson, Roxanne Du Berger and Roseann Lyle. (1996). 'A Bayesian analysis of the effects of calcium supplementation on blood pressure.'Book chapter, in 'Bayesian Biostatistics', edited by D.A. Berry and D.K. Stangl.

2.  Lawrence Joseph, David B. Wolfson and Roxanne Du Berger. (1995). 'Sample size calculations for binomial proportions via highest posterior density intervals.'  With discussion and rejoinder.Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series D (The Statistician), Vol.44,No.2,143-154.

3.  Lawrence Joseph, David B. Wolfson and Roxanne Du Berger. (1995).'Some comments on Bayesian sample size determination.'(Rejoinder to 21.) Vol.44,No.2,167-171.

4.  Lawrence Joseph, Alain Vandal, and David B.Wolfson. (1996). 'Estimation in the multipath changepoint problem for correlated data.'The Canadian Journal of Statistics, Vol.24,No.1,37-53.

5.  Lawrence Joseph and David B.Wolfson. (1997).'Interval-based versus decision theoretic criteria for the choice of sample size'Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series D (The Statistician),Vol.46 No.2,144-149.

6.  Lawrence Joseph, David B.Wolfson, Roxanne du Berger and Rozanne Lyle. (1997) 'Analysis of Panel Data with Changepoints.'Statistica Sinica Vol.7,No.3,687-703.

7.  Patrick Belisle, Lawrence Joseph, Brenda MacGibbon, David B.Wolfson and Roxanne du Berger. (1998) 'Change-point Analysis of Neuron Spike Train Data. 'Biometrics, 54, 113-123.

8. Lawrence Joseph, David Wolfson, Patrick Belisle, John O.Brooks, James Mortimer, Jared Tinklenberg and Jerome Yesavage. (1999) 'Taking account of between-patient variability when modeling decline in Alzheimer's disease'. In press, American Journal of Epidemiology.

9. Jose Andres Correa and David B. Wolfson. (1999). 'Length bias: some characterizations and applications'. Accepted, Computation and Simulation.

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Masters theses supervised

L. Solvason (1977)       'Estimation in Markov Renewal Processes'.

A. Siddiqui (1978)       'The Variate Difference Method'.

M. Nobile (1979)         'The Fast Fourier Transform and the Spectral Analysis of Stationary Time Series'.

S. Persaud (1980)        'Overview of the Seasonal Adjustment of Time Series'.

M. Rivet (1982)          'An Assessment of an Alternative Method of ARIMA Model Identification'.

L. Joseph (1984)         'Screening for Breast Cancer:  An Assessment of Various  Stochastic Models'.

J. Thiffault (1985)      'Estimation for Homogeneous Poisson Processes'.

L. Nilakantan (1988)     'Estimation for Non-Homogeneous Poisson Processes'.

R. McClelland (1994)     'The statistical analysis of DNA profiles.'

M. Mihailovici (1995)    'The statistical analysis of ECG data'.

Doctoral theses supervised.

L. Joseph (1989)         'Change point problems in the multi-path setup'.

J.Zielinski (1990)       'Clustering problems in point processes'.

X.Zhou (1996)           (Co-supervised with Lawrence Joseph) 'Bayesian optimal design for changepoint problems'.

M.Asgharian (1998)       'Modeling covariance in changepoint problems'.

Masters students under current supervision.

R.Sturm-Beiss.        'The statistics of the BSE/CJD epidemic.'

The Minh.        'An assessment of the gain by using a changepoint analysis.'

Doctoral students under current supervision.

E. Cyr M'Lan (Started 1998).          (Co-supervision with Lawrence Joseph) 'Bayesian optimal design for case-control studies.'

Jose Correa (1998-99)     'Survival analysis'
(Florida Atlantic University, tenure-track position)

Leo Yaffe Award for Excellence in Teaching in The Faculty of Science (1997).


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