Québec-Vermont Number Theory Seminar

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The Quebec-Vermont Seminar is a regular bi-weekly seminar alternating between Montreal, Burlington, Vermont, and Quebec City. Founded in 1984 by Hershy Kisilevsky and David Dummit, it is one of the longest continuously-running seminars of its kind in North America. The following pdf file contains a list of (many of) lectures in the Quebec-Vermont seminars (and related activities) going back to its inception. Below are the archives for the lectures that have been given in the Quebec-Vermont Seminar in the past.

Lectures from 1984 to 1992.

Lectures in 1995-96.

Lectures in 1996-97.

Lectures in 1997-98.

Lectures in 1998-99.

Lectures in 1999-2000.

Lectures in 2000-01.

Lectures in 2001-02.

Lectures in 2002-03.

Lectures in 2003-04.

Lectures in 2004-05.

Lectures in 2005-06.

Lectures in 2006-07.

Lectures in 2007-08.

Lectures in 2008-09.

Lectures in 2009-10.