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Graduate Student Seminar

Organisers: Henri Darmon, Adrian Iovita and Hershy Kisilevsky.
Time: Tuesday 2:00-4:00, in Room 1120.

This seminar is aimed primarily at the graduate students in the number theory group. The seminar this term will be devoted to the book
Cyclotomic fields and zeta values by John Coates and Ramdorai Sujatha,
whose goal is to give a complete proof of the Iwasawa main conjecture in the simplest and most classical setting of cyclotomic fields. The book consists of 6 chapters and we will devote roughly two sessions to each chapter, for a total of 12 weeks.

Here is the schedule:
  1. September 6. Cyclotomic fields. We will begin with an introductory survey motivating the main results by Hershy Kisilevsky. We will conclude with a session of gentle arm twisting to recruit colunteers for the subsequent weeks. In preparation you should have a look at the material and choose what you'd like to cover. The less advanced students might want to try to choose one of the earlier topics.
  2. September 13. Cyclotomic fields, cont'd. (Billy).
  3. September 20. Local units. (Sami).
  4. September 27. No meeting.
  5. October 5 (Wednesday). Local units, cont'd. (David).
  6. October 11. Iwasawa algebras and p-adic measures. (Leonardo).
  7. October 18. Iwasawa algebras and p-adic measures. (Isabella).
  8. October 25. Cyclotomic units and Iwasawa's theorem. (James)
  9. November 1. Cyclotomic units and Iwasawa's theorem, cont'd. (Michele)
  10. November 8. Euler systems. (Ervin)
  11. November 15. Euler systems, cont'd. (Bruno)
  12. November 22. Main conjecture. (Alice)
  13. November 29. Main conjecture, cont'd. (Nicolas)