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189-727A: Deformation Theory and Iwasawa Theory

Professor: Ravi Ramakrishna
TA: Henri Darmon

Classes: MW 10:30- 12:30.
Room: BH 1120.


The seminar will be devoted to a study of the following two articles, with a special emphasis on the interrelations between them and on the use of ``special primes" to control the behaviour of deformation rings.

1. Ravi Ramakrishna, Deforming Galois representations and the conjectures of Serre and Fontaine-Mazur, Annals of mathematics, to appear. (dvi, ps)

Supplementary reference:
Richard Taylor, On icosahedral Artin representations II, American Journal of Mathematics, to appear. (dvi, ps)

2. Massimo Bertolini and Henri Darmon, Iwasawa's Main Conjecture for Elliptic Curves over Anticyclotomic Zp--extensions. (dvi, ps)

Course Schedule: