Research Interests

Algorithms, optimization, convex geometry and polyhedral combinatorics, graph theory.

I enjoy applying these techniques to other areas such as:

a game-theoretic approach to understand interdomain peering behaviour:

Strategic network formation and local peering contracts.
E. Anshelevich, B. Shepherd, G. Wilfong
Games and Economic Behaviour. 2011.

a machine learning approach to mapping/clustering IP addresses:

Cluster and Server Selection Using Passive Monitoring
M. Andrews, A. Srinivasan, B. Shepherd, P. Winkler, F. Zane
Infocom 2002

large scale integer programming for job migration in data centers:

Topology-Aware VM Migration in Bandwidth Oversubscribed Datacenter Networks
N. Jain, I. Menache, S. Naor, B. Shepherd
ICALP 2012 .

a graph-theoretic model for BGP routing:

The Stable Paths Problem and Interdomain Routing
T. Griffin, B. Shepherd, G. Wilfong

robust optimization applied to network design:

Shortest Path versus Multi-hub Routing in Networks with Uncertain Demand
A. Fr\'echette, B. Shepherd, M. Thottan, P. Winzer
Infocom 2013 .