Submitted for review

  • Andy T.S. Wan and Jean-Christophe Nave. On the arbitrarily long-term stability of conservative methods, [arXiv:1607.06160]
  • Andy T.S. Wan and Marc Laforest. A posteriori error estimation for the p-curl problem, [arXiv:1605.06532]

In preparation 

  • Andy T.S. Wan, Alexander Bihlo, and Jean-Christophe Nave, Exactly conservative schemes for many-body problems
  • Andy T.S. Wan, Marc Laforest and Frederic Sirois. Adaptive space-time finite element method for the p-curl problem in applied superconductivity


  • Ph.D. Thesis (PolyMTL) - supervised by Prof. Marc Laforest

Adaptive space-time finite element method in high temperature superconductivity

  • M.Sc. Thesis (UBC) - supervised by Prof. George Bluman

 Finding conservation laws for partial differential equations