Ph.D Students

1. Pierre-Jerome Bergeron (2003) (Started Fall 2003) 

Master Students

1. Hui Guo (Started Summer 2005)

Title: Doubly Censored Prevalent Cohort Survival Data.

2. Wei Zhou (Completed Dec. 2005)

Title: Longitudinal Data with Change-points.

3. Ioana Cosma (Completed Feb. 2005, Dean's Honour's List)

Title: Principle of Detailed Balance and Simulated Annealing Convergence Assessment.

(Current Position: Attending Oxford for her PhD in Statistics)

4. Nadia Sourial (Completed Dec. 2003) (Co-supervised with David Wolfson).

Title: Impact of Uncertainty in Onset Time of Disease on Survival Estimates.

(Current Position: Statistician at Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research)

5. Pierre-Jerome Bergeron (Completed Aug. 2003, Dean's Honours List).

Title: Measuring dependence using information gain when data are length-biased and Right Censored.

(Current Position: PhD student at McGill)

6. Parviz Asgharian (Completed Feb. 2000). (Co-supervision with Sture Holm)

Title: Measures of dependence in contingency tables with bias and misclassification.

(Current Position: High school teacher, Goteborg, Sweden)

USRA and Honours Project

1. Marco Carone (Summer 2004 & 2005) (Honour's Project)

(First Class Honour's, Dean's Honour's List, Ann Molson Medal and Governor General Silver Medal)

Title: Loss Distribution and Insurance Policies.

2. Martin Lysy (Summer 2004 & 2005) (Honour's Project)

Title: Scheffe-Tukey Sample Size formula Under Biased Sampling.

3. Ioana Cosma (Summer 2003) (Honour's Project)

(First Class Honour's, Dean's Honour's List)

Title: MCMC Methods and Simulated Annealing.